How PingSafe Sets Itself Apart with AWS Partnership

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In today's digital landscape, ensuring robust cloud security has become paramount for organizations. PingSafe, a cloud security SaaS platform, is revolutionizing the industry with its unique approach powered by attackers' intelligence. PingSafe sets itself apart with AWS partnership through the AWS Partner Network with its cutting-edge offensive security. This partnership has proven instrumental in elevating PingSafe's services and delivering exceptional value to customers. Let's delve into what makes PingSafe stand out among other cloud providers and how its collaboration with AWS has amplified its unique value proposition.

About PingSafe and AWS

PingSafe's comprehensive cloud security platform, coupled with AWS's industry-leading infrastructure and services, deliver unique value to customers enabling attackers' intelligence.

Together, we offer a winning combination of innovative solutions, deep expertise, and extensive market reach.

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Harnessing Attackers' Intelligence

PingSafe's foundation lies in leveraging attackers' intelligence, setting it apart as a trailblazer in the cloud security arena. With founder Anand Prakash's exceptional track record as a security researcher for leading platforms like Uber, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, PingSafe possesses an unparalleled understanding of attackers' mindsets. This unique perspective empowers PingSafe to proactively detect and respond to cloud security threats, ensuring robust protection even before potential attackers can strike.

State-of-the-Art Offensive Security Engine

At the core of PingSafe's platform lies its state-of-the-art offensive security engine, revolutionizing the way organizations tackle alert fatigue. In an era of countless cybersecurity tools and overwhelming alerts, PingSafe simplifies the process by connecting the dots and eliminating false positives. This flagship engine provides actionable intelligence, enabling organizations to stay ahead of their adversaries. PingSafe's unified view for multi-vendor cloud security offers a seamless and comprehensive solution for organizations striving to fortify their defences.

“Attackers are finding new ways every day to breach enterprises. AWS & PingSafe partnered to enable businesses with attacker’s intelligence in their cloud infrastructure much before any black-hat hacker gets to exploit security loopholes.”

Anand Prakash
Founder & CEO, PingSafe

Collaboration with AWS through AWS Partner Central

PingSafe's partnership with AWS through the AWS Partner Network has been a game-changer, propelling its cloud security offerings to new heights. This partnership provides PingSafe with a multitude of advantages that differentiate it from other cloud providers. Collaborating with AWS brings invaluable technical support and guidance from AWS experts, opening doors to co-selling and co-marketing opportunities and enabling PingSafe to increase brand visibility and reach a wider audience.

“While cloud is becoming a necessity for most businesses, AWS & Pingsafe partnership will allow business to adopt cloud at scale without worrying about their security.“

Dhiraj Khare
VP - Global Sales, PingSafe