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Best Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions in 2024

Here is everything you need to know about hybrid cloud security and an overview of the best Hybrid Cloud Security Tools in the industry for 2023.

Mansi B.

Written by Mansi B.

June 27, 2023 | 11 min read

Enterprises are accelerating their shift to the cloud due to increasing consumer demand and out-of-business necessities.  While there is a push for cloud-native architectures, the reality is that companies are failing to secure their on-premise business operations, improve customer service, and ensure compliance. Here is everything you need to know about hybrid cloud security and an overview of the best Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions in the industry for 2024.

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What is Hybrid Cloud Security?

Hybrid Cloud Security is a collection of technologies put in place to protect apps, sensitive data, and resources in hybrid cloud environments, which comprise a mix of public and private clouds. Securing hybrid cloud platforms provides unified protection and improves organizations’ overall security posture by seamlessly mitigating risk and managing sophisticated cloud deployments.

What are Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions?

Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions enable enterprises to move workloads across different cloud environments flexibly.  It gives them complete control of sensitive data in private clouds and delivers the benefits of utilizing resources from public cloud environments. Companies that require access to extensive computing services find that hybrid cloud security solutions offer great value, enhanced functionality, and increased efficiency.

How do Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions Work?

Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions provide 100% uptime and ensure business continuity by preventing service interruptions. Although firewalls and endpoint security are critical, traditional security approaches aren’t enough to secure businesses from cloud-based attacks. With a mix of public and private cloud infrastructure components, the security landscape is becoming increasingly complex, and enterprises cannot manage on-premises security independently. Especially with the advent of advanced computing technologies such as Serverless architectures and working with multiple cloud environments, hybrid cloud security solutions centralize security management and make it easier to move and secure data across cloud servers and systems.

Best Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions in 2024

Following are the best Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions in 2024:

#1. Pingsafe

Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions - PingSafe Logo | PingSafe

PingSafe is an all-in-one hybrid cloud security platform that provides unparalleled protection for multi-cloud infrastructures regarding developments and deployments. It provides built-in gap analysis and supports various compliance requirements like GDPR, RBI, ISO, and SOC2. PingSafe is designed for seamless cloud migrations between services, prevents data leaks, and protects businesses from attackers in today’s evolving cybersecurity landscape.


  • Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) provides dynamic and real-time monitoring of hybrid cloud workloads, continuous monitoring of developers’ repositories, and real-time cloud threat discovery, investigation, and remediation.
  • Remediates container vulnerabilities and cluster misconfigurations with Kubernetes Security Posture Management (KSPM)
  • Infrastructure a Code (IaC) proactively detects misconfigurations in CloudFormation, Terraform, and other Iac templates while also enforcing Shift-Left security.
  • CNAPP Offensive Security simulates all forms of attacks on cloud security, identifies exploits, and ensures zero false positives
  • Real-time secret scanning can detect over 800+ secret types across GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket.
  • Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) adopts 360-degree protection for cloud VMs, containers, and serverless functions.
  • Agentless Vulnerability Management secures multi-cloud workloads.


PingSafe follows a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model and offers a monthly Starter plan commencing at 2000 USD.

#2. SailPoint

Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions - SailPoint Logo | PingSafe
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SailPoint is trusted by over 45% of global Fortune 500 companies and is a seamless, scalable, and secure identity security solution for businesses. It provides centralized control, automation, and instant intelligence by leveraging advanced AI and machine learning to give enterprises an edge in security.  It offers flawless integration across all Cloud ecosystems and is one of the best hybrid cloud security solutions.


  • Secures remote work, improves workforce productivity, and implements Zero Trust security
  • Reduces total cost of business ownership and improves enterprise confidentiality with automated provisioning
  • Maintains compliance with the latest regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, SOX, and CCPA
  • Seamless identity and access management using advanced AI and Machine Learning technologies for complex cloud ecosystems

Pricing- SailPoint Identify Security starts at USD 825,000 for 36 months and offers up to 2500 identities

#3. Runecast

Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions - Runecast Logo | PingSafe
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Runecast helps organizations create security standards across cloud ecosystems and improves overall security and compliance. Every organization deserves a platform that offers automated vulnerability assessments and compliance checks, and Runecast makes it easy for enterprises to enjoy simplified reporting and threat analysis. It is also compatible with Microsoft Azure, AWS, Linux, Kubernetes, and VMware environments.


  • Provides automated threat remediation, vulnerability scanning, and configuration management for on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments
  • Keeps hybrid clouds ‘audit-ready’ and follows the latest  industry standards like ISO 27001, NIST, PCI DSS, DISA STIG, BSI IT-Grundschutz, and many others
  • Offers complete cloud security posture management and risk mitigation through proactive governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) implementation
  • Provides actionable insights with PowerCLI, PowerShell, AWS CLI, and Ansible scripts

Pricing: A free demo is available. However, the vendors do not list pricing, and enterprises get customized quotes based on their business requirements

#4. Datadog

Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions - Datadog Logo | PingSafe
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Shifting to a multi-cloud or hybrid infrastructure can improve the efficiency of organizations by granting fuller control over applications and data. However, it can also create security gaps by relying on separate legacy tools and cloud-provider consoles to gain visibility into these environments. Datadog is one of the leading hybrid cloud security solutions that unify network performance, data, metrics, and on-premises cloud data centers across significant platforms to provide comprehensive hybrid cloud monitoring.


  • Real-time monitoring of cloud infrastructure components, APIs, and performance usage
  • Provides comprehensive dashboards, data visualizations, incident logging, and simplified reporting
  • Can perform root cause analysis, incident alerting, event and asset management, and automated responses
  • Enables preconfigured alerts for AWS resources at scale and extensive cloud cost management

Pricing- $15 per host/month

#5. Fortinet Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions - Fortinet Logo | PingSafe
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Fortinet helps organizations accelerate digital transformation by optimizing cloud security and supporting virtual and hardware deployments. Fortinet Hybrid Cloud is known for offering the best hybrid cloud security tools and reducing risks across autonomously developed applications and DevOps environments. It improves enterprise agility and performance and gives centralized visibility and controls.


  • Protects hybrid cloud environments before, during, and after migration
  • Auto-scales network security and provides active site-on-site VPN connectivity
  • Full visibility into security logs and complete control for better compliance governance
  • Delivers end-to-end cloud security through optimized network segmentation

Pricing-FortiGate licensing starts at USD 300,000 for large enterprises

#6. Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions - Kaspersky Logo | PingSafe
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Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud offers next-gen online protection for multiple devices across public and private cloud environments. It supports Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, and the company offers a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee for unsatisfied clients. Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud ranks high among the best hybrid cloud security tools because of ease of use, complete control, and optimized background performance.


  • A single solution for meeting all enterprise IT requirements and protecting digital assets using a cloud-based console
  • Offers exclusive Cloud Discovery and protection for Microsoft Office 365
  • Complete endpoint security, web-based and email protection, and eliminates advanced malware threats
  • Prevents encryption attacks, ransomware, and unauthorized privilege escalations
  • Protects sensitive data, ensures safe cloud adoption, and implements effective patch management for systems

Pricing- Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security starts at USD 0.03 an hour for hosts

#7. Cloudvisory

Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions - Cloudvisory Logo | PingSafe
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Cloudvisory automatically enforces micro-segmentation and prevents network intrusions using machine learning, testing, and intelligent deployments. It is a state-of-the-art platform that offers continuous discovery and mapping of enterprise assets. Cloudvisory is one of the best hybrid cloud security solutions in 2024, as it can uncover risks, threats, and events across public and private cloud environments.


  • A complete hybrid cloud security platform for Kubernetes, Azure, AWS, OpenStack, and traditional bare metal and virtualized environments
  • Highly scalable, centralizes security management, and offers a full suite of tools to enable organizations to transition quickly from legacy infrastructures to hybrid cloud environments
  • Multi-cloud native support and built-in CSP to enhance enterprise agility and automation
  • Provides agentless monitoring of network flows and automated compliance checks across multiple operating systems, cloud providers, and accounts

Pricing- Starts at USD 9.95 for 100 workloads, and enterprises are offered custom pricing options based on their business requirements

#8. Armor Anywhere

Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions - Armor Logo | PingSafe
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Armor Anywhere features special access control tools, permissions, and reporting analytics for enterprises that want comprehensive cloud application security and protection. It is a cutting-edge hybrid cloud security platform that offers unique threat intelligence and great vulnerability scanning.


  • Defends against malware attacks and remediates disparate security tools and processes in organizations
  • Provides unified visibility and control access into hybrid cloud environments, including Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon EC2, and AWS CloudTrail
  • Comes with a 24/7 Security Operations Center and continually scans networks to ensure automated compliance

Pricing- USD 0.22 per host/hour according to the AWS Marketplace

#9. Qualys Cloud Platform

Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions - Qualys Logo | PingSafe
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Qualys is an award-winning hybrid cloud security platform that is self-updating and centrally managed automatically. It helps enterprises access all their assets, including in-cloud instances, on-premises infrastructure components, and mobile endpoints. Qualys is best known for complying with internal and external policies and does an excellent job in automatically patching systems, identifying critical vulnerabilities, and quarantining assets.


  • Secures web server SSL/TLS configurations and detects critical misconfigurations and vulnerabilities across global hybrid cloud environments in real-time
  • Prevents zero-day attacks and network irregularities and continuously monitors performance
  • Uses powerful Machine Learning to perform advanced correlations and provides cutting-edge threat intelligence
  • Eliminates false positives, is highly scalable, and grants instant visibility and control of all global IT assets

Pricing- Pricing depends on selecting the number of user licenses, web applications, and network addresses (IPs). Qualys offers all its users a free trial period and unlimited scans with all subscriptions.

#10. Trend Micro

Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions - Trend Micro Logo | PingSafe
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Trend Micro is one of the most trusted hybrid cloud security solutions in the market, and it is designed to elevate automated deployments and compliance. It leads to enterprise operational efficiency through integrated CNAPP capabilities and offers turnkey APIs, powerful cloud-native application protection, and turnkey integrations. Trend Micro also offers excellent file storage security and container security.


  • Scalable, highly customizable, and combines the best features of public and private cloud environments
  • Improves visibility and simplifies security management across virtual, physical, and multi-cloud environments
  • Offers deep security as a service, malware prevention, data center checks, and automated continuous monitoring for container images in CI/CD pipelines
  • Delivers cross-generational threat defense, firewall, and network security controls for handling advanced workloads and prevents lateral movements across networks

Pricing-Pricing is not listed by the vendor and depends on the size of the enterprise and custom specifications.


Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions - Cloudknox Logo | PingSafe
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CloudKnox is a multi-cloud hybrid cloud security solutions and permissions management platform that adopts a granular approach to security. It continuously adapts to the changing threat landscape and makes good decisions to mitigate risk. For businesses that want continuous identity and resource management, it is a great platform to turn to.


  • Cross-cloud dashboard management, incident response and forensics, and continuous monitoring
  • State-of-the-art compliance engine, anomaly detection and activity-based authorizations
  • Offers hybrid and multi-cloud support, including real-time alerts and notifications
  •  Provides detailed visibility into identities and permissions granted across cloud infrastructures to uncover workload identities and spot unused resources

Pricing- Pricing is customized, and the vendor hasn’t listed any specific quotes online.

#12. Sophos

Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions - Sophos Logo | PingSafe
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Sophos protects multiple environments, identities, and workloads by providing complete cloud security coverage for enterprises. It fast-tracks cyber resilience, boosts enterprise efficiency, and minimizes the total time taken to respond to and mitigate various security events. The hybrid cloud security platform provides flexible container workload security and can secure Windows hosts and remote workers from unseen exploits, ransomware, and emerging threats.


  • Provides continuous monitoring of security posture for AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, Azure, and Docker Hub environments from a single console
  • Helps with asset inventory management, cloud spend optimization, network visualizations, and configuration risk mitigation
  • Automates compliance assessments and makes enterprises audit-ready anytime
  • Sends colour-coded alerts and prioritizes resources with risk-based assessments

How to Choose a Hybrid Cloud Security Solution?

It’s essential to remember that hybrid cloud security is a proactive approach, and enterprises have a shared responsibility for securing data and fighting against threats. Developers focus on improving their DevOps practices, writing infrastructure-as-a-code, and safeguarding assets from data breaches.

Core features to look for in hybrid cloud security solutions are:

  • Zero trust network accessibility and authorizations, always verifying every time
  • Enhanced visibility, software audits, and third-party integrations
  • Continuous threat monitoring, incident response and detection, and cloud forensics

An excellent hybrid cloud security platform will correlate data across multiple public and private clouds and on-premise environments and provide a single point of view for threat monitoring, incident detection, and response.  Look for automated cloud-native security capabilities in products that help you save time and ensure compliance while satisfying business needs and improving workforce productivity.


Many vendors often sell a select set of features that don’t scale with organizations, so it’s crucial to analyze cloud security products before investing in them. It’s important to note that security requirements change, and as organizations evolve, so will how they manage cyber risks and hybrid cloud security.

Hopefully, this guide will serve as a great starting point for hybrid cloud security and build a strong foundation for the future.