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PingSafe expands coverage to provide CSPM support for Alibaba Cloud and Oracle Cloud

With context awareness at its core, PingSafe provides real-time alerts for detection and remediation to provide round-the-clock security across these cloud environments.

Ankit P.

Written by Ankit P.

September 19, 2023 | 2 min read

SAN FRANCISCO, California (September 18, 2023) – PingSafe, the only CNAPP platform powered by attacker intelligence, today announced its support for Alibaba Cloud and Oracle Cloud. The additional coverage for Alibaba Cloud and Oracle Cloud, allows PingSafe to provide complete cloud security to clients based out of the APAC and EMEA region.

Alibaba Cloud is the largest cloud provider in the Asia-Pacific region and third largest in the world according to Gartner. It provides computing services in 200+ countries, across 29 regions and serves more than 1 Million paying customers. 

Oracle Cloud (OCI) is fast expanding its footprint with 45 public regions present across 23 countries. With both these public clouds committing to provide more cloud services to its clients they are well-positioned to continue growing in the ever-evolving cloud landscape.

To serve clients across Ali Cloud and OCI environments PingSafe’s CNAPP platform goes beyond the basics by meticulously monitoring common and intricate misconfigurations across frequently used resources. With context awareness at its core, PingSafe provides real-time alerts for detection and remediation to provide round-the-clock security across these environments. Additionally, capabilities like attack path analysis and custom security policy creation as per a client’s unique IT landscape enable enhanced cloud protection.

“PingSafe aims to be the de facto cloud security provider for clients across the world. Most of the organizations based out of APAC generally have some cloud footprint on Alibaba Cloud. By enabling Alibaba Cloud compatibility we can now provide a unified single pane of glass view into all their cloud security needs significantly improving their experience while using PingSafe.

Anand Prakash, Founder & CEO, PingSafe

Adding Alibaba cloud support was not only a strategic move based on business needs but also allowed PingSafe to showcase its incredible pace of innovation to potential customers. As we received multiple requests from clients to add coverage for Alibaba Cloud and OCI, we decided to add the functionality. This goes to show that nobody can beat PingSafe in commitment to customer satisfaction and velocity of development.”

Nishant Mittal, CTO and Co-founder, PingSafe

About PingSafe

PingSafe is a CNAPP platform powered by attackers’ intelligence. PingSafe’s offensive security engine helps businesses address the most critical and exploitable vulnerabilities at blazing-fast speed and scale. PingSafe helps secure cloud environments across various hyper scalers like AWS, GCP, and Azure and deployments like Kubernetes, VMs, and serverless. PingSafe is securing customers’ cloud infrastructure globally and is a leader in the CNAPP category on G2. PingSafe is backed by Sequoia Surge, was founded in 2021, and is based out of San Francisco and Bangalore.