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Best SSPM Vendors in 2024: Top 10 Tools

In this article, we have discussed leading SSPM (SaaS Security Posture Management) Services designed to evaluate security risks and effectively manage the security posture of SaaS applications.

Ankit P.

Written by Ankit P.

July 3, 2023 | 12 min read

SSPM Vendors offer a comprehensive platform that significantly diminishes the chances of data leakage and unauthorized access to an organization’s SaaS applications.

In this article, we have discussed leading SSPM (SaaS Security Posture Management) Services designed to evaluate security risks and effectively manage the security posture of SaaS applications.

Table of Contents

  1. What is SSPM?
  2. What are SSPM Tools?
  3. Best SSPM Vendors in 2024
    1. #1 PingSafe
    2. #2 Kloudle
    3. #3 SpinOne
    4. #4 Zscaler
    5. #5 Netskope
    6. #6 Obsidian Security
    7. #7 Saasment
    8. #8 Cynet SSPM
    9. #9 AppOmni
    10. #10 Adaptive Shield
  4. How to choose the best SSPM Vendors (SaaS Security Posture Management)?
  5. Conclusion

What is SSPM?

SaaS security posture management (SSPM) is an automated security tool designed to monitor and address security risks specifically in software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. SSPM identifies various vulnerabilities, including misconfigurations, unnecessary user accounts, excessive user permissions, compliance issues, and other security concerns related to cloud environments.

What are SSPM Tools?

SSPM Tools, or SaaS Security Posture Management tools, are software solutions specifically designed to monitor and manage the security posture of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. These tools offer features and capabilities to enhance the security of SaaS deployments. Some common functionalities provided by SSPM tools include:

  • Configuration Assessment: SSPM vendors assess the security configuration settings of SaaS applications, comparing them against industry best practices and security standards. This helps identify misconfigurations that could pose security risks.
  • Compliance Monitoring: SSPM vendors ensure that SaaS applications adhere to regulatory compliance requirements. They help monitor data handling practices, access controls, encryption, and other security measures to maintain compliance.

Best SSPM Vendors in 2024

Here is the list of the top 10 SSPM vendors for 2024:

#1 PingSafe

PingSafe is an advanced cloud security platform designed to assist organizations in effectively handling regulatory compliance, identifying system vulnerabilities, preventing cloud credential leakage, and other security concerns. This comprehensive platform, known as a Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP), incorporates all the essential components required to protect and secure multi-cloud environments and infrastructure. By utilizing PingSafe, businesses can ensure the robust security of their cloud-based systems and maintain compliance with industry regulations.

SSPM Vendors - PingSafe Logo | PingSafe


  • Cloud security posture Management: You can detect and remediate cloud misconfigurations before deployment.
  • Built-in rules: PingSafe performs automated assessments of over 1,400 configuration rules, guaranteeing the identification of cloud misconfigurations across various runtime environments such as GCP, Azure, AWS, and Digital Ocean. This enables users to have a centralized view of their cloud infrastructure and facilitates convenient management and monitoring of security configurations.
  • Cloud Workload Protection Platforms: Adopt 360° security for cloud VMs, containers, and serverless functions.
  • Secret Scanning: Real-time scanning to detect 800+ secret types in Bitbucket, Github, and Gitlab.


  • Ease of implementation and very intuitive UI
  • Can integrate with Jira, Slack, PagerDuty, and more
  • Lets customers create custom security policies and includes all popular compliances like SOC2, ISO, HIPAA, CIS, and PCI/DSS
  • Backed by global top-ranking security researchers and leading venture capitalists
  • Offers multi-tenancy support, role-based access control, and history tracking 


  • No cons as of the moment.

PingSafe’s Starter plan commences at 2000 USD per month.

#2 Kloudle

Kloudle offers a comprehensive cloud security automation solution specifically designed for developers, DevOps teams, and engineering teams. It simplifies and streamlines the management of cloud security by providing a centralized view of all assets across various cloud platforms, including AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Kubernetes, and Digital Ocean.

SSPM Vendors - Kludge Logo | PingSafe


  • Kloudle distinguishes itself from other cloud security tools through its automation-first approach, which enables teams to reclaim valuable time and dedicate it to the development of innovative products and services. 
  • By automating crucial tasks, Kloudle streamlines operations, ensuring secure cloud infrastructure and eliminating the need for manual scanning. Moreover, Kloudle fosters a collaborative culture, empowering engineers to actively contribute to security efforts. With its user-friendly, flexible, and highly efficient platform. 


  • Kloudle offers cloud-based workforce management solutions, streamlining scheduling, time tracking, and communication. 
  • It enhances efficiency, productivity, and employee engagement. The platform provides real-time visibility and analytics, facilitating data-driven decision-making.


  • Kloudle may require customization to fit specific organizational processes. Integration with existing systems may need additional effort. 
  • The platform’s pricing structure and cost may vary based on the organization’s size and requirements. 

Starting price is $300/month/cloud account.

#3 SpinOne

SpinOne is a cloud data protection and cybersecurity platform that specializes in safeguarding data stored in cloud applications such as G Suite (now Google Workspace), Office 365, and Salesforce. It offers a suite of tools and features designed to provide comprehensive data protection, backup, recovery, and cybersecurity capabilities.

SSPM Vendors - SpinOne Logo | PingSafe


  • Backup and Recovery: SpinOne enables automated backups of cloud data from platforms such as G Suite, Office 365, and Salesforce. It allows for easy recovery of lost or corrupted data, ensuring business continuity.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP): SpinOne helps prevent data loss through advanced DLP capabilities. It can detect and block sensitive data from being shared or accessed by unauthorized users, mitigating the risk of data breaches.


  • SpinOne offers comprehensive cloud backup and cybersecurity solutions, protecting data in cloud applications like G Suite and Office 365. 
  • It provides automated backups, ransomware protection, and data loss prevention features. 


  • Some organizations may require additional customization or support for specific cloud applications. 
  • The pricing structure and cost may vary based on the organization’s size and backup needs. Regular monitoring and updates are necessary for effective protection.

Contact SpinOne for pricing details.

#4 Zscaler

Zscaler offers a range of cybersecurity solutions that encompass various capabilities. These include continuous monitoring and health checks for all applications connected through their app connectors. Zscaler ensures secure connectivity with users, devices, and applications across any network. Additionally, Zscaler’s cloud protection solution encompasses features such as cloud security posture management, workload segmentation, and secure app-to-app connectivity.

SSPM Vendors - Zscaler Logo | PingSafe

Key Features:

  • Zscaler Workload Posture enables the identification, prioritization, recommendations, and remediation of misconfigurations and improper permissions within your cloud environment.
  • By utilizing Zscaler Private Access, users can securely access cloud applications without being exposed to the Internet.
  • Zscaler Cloud Connector facilitates secure connections between the cloud and the Internet, secure cloud-to-cloud connections, as well as secure cloud-to-data center connections.


  • Zscaler offers cloud-native security solutions, providing comprehensive protection against web and cloud-based threats. 
  • It offers advanced threat detection, data loss prevention, and secure access to applications. 


  • Zscaler’s pricing may be higher compared to traditional on-premises solutions. 
  • Organizations with limited cloud presence may not fully utilize its capabilities. 

Zscaler offers three different editions: Professional Edition, Business Edition, and Transformation Edition.

#5 Netskope

Netskope is a cloud security platform that provides organizations with visibility and control over cloud applications, data, and web traffic. It offers a comprehensive set of security services designed to protect against threats, enforce compliance policies, and secure data in the cloud. Netskope enables organizations to safely adopt cloud services by providing real-time monitoring and control over cloud usage across multiple devices and locations. 

SSPM Vendors - Netskope | PingSafe


  • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB): Netskope acts as a CASB, providing visibility and control over cloud applications and services. It enables organizations to discover and assess cloud usage, enforce security policies, and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Netskope offers robust DLP capabilities to identify and protect sensitive data in the cloud. It helps organizations prevent data leaks, enforce data classification and handling policies, and ensure compliance with regulations.
  • Threat Protection: Netskope helps protect against advanced threats in the cloud. It uses machine learning and behavior-based detection to identify and block malware, ransomware, phishing attempts, and other malicious activities.


  • Data centers are spread across 50+ regions globally
  • Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) and IPsec tunneling for inline CASB, NGFW, and SWG capabilities
  • Offers analytics and expands deployments to include sandboxing 


  • Doesn’t include protection for software-defined WAN (SD-WAN devices).
  • Relies on third-party applications to extend deployment integrations.

You can contact Netskope for pricing details.

#6 Obsidian Security

Obsidian Security is an extensive SaaS security solution designed to safeguard business-critical applications. It offers capabilities to retrieve, standardize, and enhance application state data across multiple users or tenants, resulting in the creation of a comprehensive knowledge graph that tracks user activity and privileges.

This valuable information enables the platform to provide actionable recommendations to your security team, ultimately reducing enterprise risk.

SSPM Vendors - Obsidian Security Logo | PingSafe

Key Features:

  • Obsidian Security provides a solution to mitigate threats, prevent account compromise, and enhance detection and response capabilities.
  • It offers visibility into the precise impact of potential changes within your environment, allowing for informed decision-making.
  • The platform includes features tailored to various use cases, such as configuration and compliance management, as well as access and privilege right-sizing.


  • Obsidian Security offers comprehensive threat detection, cloud-native capabilities, user behavior analytics, simplified security operations, and compliance support.


  • Reliance on cloud environments, potential for false positives/negatives, deployment and integration complexity, scalability challenges for large infrastructures, and cost considerations for smaller organizations.

You can contact Obsidian Security for pricing details.

#7 Saasment

Saasment offers a comprehensive solution for mitigating security risks and preventing human errors within your digital assets. By automating security programs, Saasment ensures the protection of your company’s valuable information. It provides robust fraud prevention measures and complete coverage against emerging threats targeting online stores, including platforms like Shopify and Wix. 

SSPM Vendors - Obsidian Security Logo | PingSafe


  • Centralized SaaS application visibility
  • Cost optimization through usage tracking and analysis 
  • Granular user access controls, and license management with expiration tracking.


  • Saasment offers centralized visibility, cost optimization, user access control, license management, and customizable reports for SaaS applications.


  • Integration challenges with existing SaaS applications, potential learning curve for new users, and reliance on accurate data input for accurate insights and cost optimization.

You can contact Saasment for their pricing details.

#8 Cynet SSPM

Cynet 360 is a platform for XDR (Extended Detection and Response) and security automation. It offers round-the-clock MDR (Managed Detection and Response) services. It seamlessly integrates advanced technologies such as Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV), Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Network Detection and Response (NDR), User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), and deception technologies.

SSPM Vendors - Cynet Logo | PingSafe


  • Cynet offers a comprehensive defense system against various threats like malware, ransomware, fileless attacks, and exploits throughout the environment. 
  • It safeguards against scanning attacks, data exfiltration, lateral movement, and more. 
  • Additionally, it includes functionality to automatically initiate an investigation process for each identified threat.


  • Cynet SSPM (Security Posture Management) offers comprehensive security management, vulnerability assessment, and compliance monitoring. 
  • It provides real-time visibility into security posture, automation of security controls, and actionable insights. 
  • The platform integrates with various security solutions, enhancing interoperability.


  • Cynet SSPM may require configuration and fine-tuning to align with specific organizational needs. Initial setup and integration can be complex, requiring technical expertise. 
  • The cost of licenses and subscriptions may vary based on the organization’s size and requirements. 

Contact Cynet for pricing details.

#9 AppOmni

AppOmni’s SaaS Security Management Platform offers centralized visibility, data access management, and security controls to ensure the protection of sensitive data within your SaaS environment.

SSPM Vendors - AppOmni Logo | PingSafe

Key Features:

  • AppOmni safeguards against data access exploration and offers exposure prevention measures.
  • It actively performs proactive monitoring and hunting to identify and address security posture and data access issues.
  • The platform conducts audits and monitoring of sensitive configurations and administrative actions.
  • It facilitates the automatic enforcement of critical SaaS security controls.


  • AppOmni offers robust cloud security and data protection solutions. 
  • It provides visibility and control over cloud applications, identifies data exposure risks, and helps enforce compliance. 
  • The platform offers automated monitoring, alerts, and centralized management.


  • AppOmni may require configuration to align with specific organizational needs. Integration complexities may arise with certain cloud applications. 
  • Continuous updates and monitoring are necessary for effective security.

Contact AppOmni for pricing details.

#10 Adaptive Shield

Adaptive Shield is a platform for SaaS Security Posture Management offered as a service. Its primary focus is on proactively identifying and addressing vulnerabilities within SaaS platforms. By conducting continuous monitoring of all SaaS applications, it can detect issues such as misconfigurations and incorrect permissions.

SSPM Vendors - Adaptive Shield Logo | PingSafe

Key Features:

  • Adaptive Shield promptly sends detailed alerts as soon as it detects the initial signs of any issues or glitches.
  • With its robust query engine, the platform is capable of analyzing every user across multiple SaaS platforms.
  • It simplifies the management of SaaS security controls by centralizing privacy controls, secure baselines, auditing, spam protection, password management, and more in one convenient location.
  • Operating in the background, Adaptive Shield operates as a non-intrusive platform.


  • Adaptive Shield provides granular control and protection for cloud applications, helping organizations secure their cloud environments effectively. 
  • It offers automated policy enforcement, continuous monitoring, and anomaly detection. 


  • Adaptive Shield may require configuration and fine-tuning to align with specific organizational needs. 
  • It may have a learning curve for users unfamiliar with the platform. Organizations with limited cloud presence may not fully leverage its capabilities. 
  • The pricing model and cost may vary depending on the organization’s size and requirements. 

You can contact Adaptive Shield for pricing details.

How to choose the best SSPM Vendors (SaaS Security Posture Management)?

When choosing the best SSPM vendors(SaaS Security Posture Management) for your organization, consider the following factors:

  • Coverage and Integration: Look for SSPM vendors that provide comprehensive coverage across a wide range of SaaS applications, ensuring that it supports the applications you use or plan to use. 
  • Visibility and Control: Evaluate the SSPM vendor’s ability to provide granular visibility into your SaaS environment, including user activities, data access and sharing, and configuration settings. E
  • Compliance and Governance: Consider whether the SSPM vendors support compliance with industry regulations and standards relevant to your organization. 
  • Threat Detection and Response: Evaluate the SSPM vendor’s capabilities for detecting and responding to SaaS-related threats, such as account compromises, data breaches, and malicious activities. 
  • Scalability and Performance: Ensure that the SSPM vendors can handle the scale and complexity of your SaaS environment. Consider factors such as the number of applications and users supported, data volume, and performance requirements. Additionally, evaluate the tool’s scalability to accommodate future growth and changing business needs.
  • Usability and User Experience: An intuitive and user-friendly interface is crucial for the effective utilization of SSPM vendors. Consider the ease of deployment, configuration, and ongoing management. Look for features like customizable dashboards, alerts, and reports that provide actionable insights and facilitate efficient security management.
  • Cost and ROI: Evaluate the total cost of ownership of the SSPM vendors, including licensing fees, implementation costs, and ongoing maintenance.

By considering these factors and conducting a thorough evaluation based on your organization’s specific requirements, you can choose SSPM vendors that align with your goals and effectively addresses your SaaS security needs.


The top-rated SSPM Vendors (SaaS Security Posture Management) evaluate security risks and effectively oversees the security posture of SaaS applications. By leveraging automation, the SSPM vendors simplify the monitoring and management of security aspects for SaaS applications.