Koo selects PingSafe to get visibility into their cloud infrastructure

PingSafe’s ease of setup and use helped Koo get a comprehensive view of their cloud landscape and helped them secure it effectively.


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Akhilesh Pandey, Director of DevSecOps

Cloud Environment

Before PingSafe

  • Lack of visibility into their cloud real estate across multiple clouds
  • Minimal control over secret leakage and detection
  • Reliance on cloud-native tools for configuration management

After PingSafe

  • Pingsafe provides a single pane of glass view into asset inventory of cloud resources
  • Secret scanning capability effectively prevents hard-coded credentials from being leaked onto code repos or production code
  • PingSafe’s comprehensive CNAPP platform provides a significant step up in number of checks as compared to cloud-native tooling

Koo is India’s biggest homegrown microblogging Twitter rival

Koo is a globally available micro-blogging platform with over 50 million users from over 100 countries. Koo was launched in March 2020 and is the 2nd largest multi-lingual microblogging platform open worldwide. An innovator of language-based micro-blogging, Koo democratizes the voices of people by empowering them to share their thoughts and express freely in a language of their choice through its immersive language experiences.

As Koo scaled and made itself available to customers across the globe it felt that its existing security tooling would need to be upgraded to provide the gold standard of security that Koo aspires to maintain. Koo wanted to partner with a security company that not only provided them coverage from threats but could be a long-term partner in creating a safe and secure environment for their customers.

As we started to grow as an organization, we felt there was a growing need for a single tool that can help us solve all our cloud security needs. PingSafe is the only CNAPP platform that enables us to proactively address all cloud security needs.

Phaneesh Gururaj, Chief Technology Officer

PingSafe’s CNAPP platform provided significantly more coverage as compared to existing tooling 

Koo was initially reliant on cloud-native tooling across its multi-cloud environment. Although effective and sufficient initially, after onboarding PingSafe, Koo’s security team realized that the depth of coverage, in terms of checks performed, while configuring cloud assets was significantly more comprehensive in PingSafe as compared to cloud-native tooling. Moreover, PingSafe’s elite security research team works round the clock to add new zero-day exploits to its checks to provide complete and holistic coverage to its clients.

Another standout feature that added immense value to Koo was the secret scanning capability of PingSafe. Identifying more than 900 types of secret, PingSafe’s secret scanner integrates into the CI/CD pipeline and prevents any hard-coded credentials from being pushed into production. It also scans public and private Github repositories to find secrets accidentally pushed online to the VCS. Koo actively utilizes this to stop any type of secret leakage across their environments.

PingSafe helped Koo obtain visibility into their complex cloud estate

A significant pain point faced by Koo as they scaled was that their cloud infrastructure was present across multiple clouds and in multiple geographies. This made it incredibly difficult for their DevOps team to have visibility into their cloud footprint and made it even more difficult for them to effectively secure them.

Once PingSafe got onboarded Koo was able to find their entire cloud inventory under a single pane of glass. PingSafe not only provided them visibility into their real estate but also highlighted the most critical vulnerabilities/misconfigurations affecting them. This enabled the DevOps team to create processes to address these vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently.

Visibility was one of the greatest problems prior to implementing PingSafe. We have a large number of resources spread across several distinct cloud environments and keeping track of all the resources and coming up with a plan to secure them was challenging. With PingSafe, we’ve excellent visibility over all the resources and the vulnerabilities/ misconfigurations affecting them.

Akhilesh Pandey, Director of DevSecOps

PingSafe’s ease of use and exceptional customer support helps them stand out

With a seamless onboarding process due to its agentless approach and a simple-to-use and intuitive UI, PingSafe started providing value to Koo within minutes of being onboarded. Add on top, an extensive knowledge base with more than 700 articles providing a step-by-step guide to resolve issues for its users, makes PingSafe a very effective solution for all of Koo’s cloud security needs.

In a case when Koo’s team needed hands-on help with a specific vulnerability, PingSafe’s customer support team was available via Slack 24×7 to help them address the challenge quickly and effectively.