PingSafe vs. Cloud One™ Conformity

The #1 Alternative to Conformity

PingSafe offers a complete CNAPP with offensive security management, secret scanning, compliance monitoring ensuring 24/7 security for your cloud infrastructure.

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Built by the team that has helped secure

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CISO, Skyflow

PingSafe's CNAPP platform is significantly less noisy and its alerts are more actionable as compared to alternatives.

Daniel Wong

Daniel Wong

CISO, Skyflow

VP Eng. at Near Intelligence

PingSafe's CNAPP platform and its capability to provide proof of exploitability made it super easy for us to choose it over its alternatives.



VP Eng. at Near Intelligence

Engineering Leader, Stripe

Our security team loves PingSafe because it lets them focus on what's important.



Engineering Leader, Stripe

Way better at things that really matter


Why choose PingSafe over Conformity?

Unlike Conformity, which lacks critical modules such as offensive security engine, and secret scanning, PingSafe offers a comprehensive platform that ensures 100% cloud visibility that's scalable and affordable.

Cloud One™ Conformity
Attackers' IntelligenceOffensive Security Engine
Secret ScanningCloud Credentials Leakage Monitoring
SaaS Credentials Leakage Monitoring
Private Repository Scanning800+ types of secrets supported
Public Repository Scanning
CNAPPCSPMCloud Misconfigurations
Auto Remediation
CDRDetect, Investigate and Remediate threats
Shift-Left SecurityIaC Security
Supported for GitHub or manual upload via console
CWPPContainer & Kubernetes Security
VM Scanning
CoverageMulti Cloud Support
Integration modeAgentless Integration
Only CSPM module
Additional featuresInbuilt Issue Management
Exception Handling
Supported at resource level
Support Articles
InsightsAnalyticsDetailed dashboardsVery basic dashboards

Choose PingSafe to Stay Ahead of Attacks

Modern approach to cloud security with Offensive Security Engine

Evolving attack patterns, zero-day threats, and lateral movements can leave you exposed. Pingsafe's solution is the first of its kind, and stays up-to-date with zero-day protection, uses evidence-based reporting, and has zero false positives for an offensive, modern approach to security.

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Scan for 800+ cloud credentials with Private Repository Scanning

Lack of complete oversight, no external monitoring, and careless handling of sensitive information makes secret leaks a real threat. PingSafe's secret scanning engine, CI/CD Integrations, and continuous and real-time monitoring will find and stop leaks before they have a chance to start.

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Shift to DevSecOps, catching cloud misconfigurations early

Complex environments, multi-cloud infrastructure, and insufficient security expertise make it a challenge to secure you ops from the beginning. PingSafe offers context awareness, built-in rules, real-time detections, and custom query support to guarantee security from start to finish.

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Stay multi-cloud compliant with 24/7 Compliance Monitoring

Single pane of glass view into your entire cloud estate. Automate your cloud compliance monitoring with PingSafe. Built-in gap analysis supports various standards like SOC2, PCI, HIPAA, and more.

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