Cloud Security Threats.

PingSafe is a cloud-agnostic, agentless cloud security solution that continuously detects and prevents vulnerabilities that have the highest probability of being exploited in Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes.

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PingSafe has solved a big problem for us by organising everything around cloud monitoring and data leak protection in a single product. Our security team loves the fact that it lets them focus on what’s important.

Prashant Borde

"PingSafe is an excellent solution for dynamic and real-time monitoring of all the multi-cloud workloads. The flexibility of configuration and the ease of maintenance is a big plus."

Detect security threats as you build on cloud.

From struggling to prevent data leakage to building proactive and scalable cloud security management 

Cloud Misconfiguration Detection

Go beyond traditional CSPM tools by using agentless analysis of company assets, and vulnerability metrics across containers.

Automated Exploit Detection

Get an end-to-end visual map of tech inventory and stimulate zero-day attacks to stay ahead of the curve.

Container Security

Find and fix vulnerabilities in containers and Kubernetes applications.

Compliance Monitoring

Monitor against real-time gaps in compliance. PingSafe supports all the major standards including CIS, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and RBI Compliance.

Secret Token Leakage Monitoring

Get live visibility into leakage of third-party secret tokens.

Auto Remediation

PingSafe automatically remediates security misconfiguration as they happen.

"Through 2025, 99% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault."

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Kalyan Krishnamurthy
CEO, Flipkart
Vivek Ramachandran
Founder, Pentester Academy
Rahul Chari
Founder & CTO, PhonePe
Neeraj Arora
Ex-CBO, Whatsapp
Sujeet Kumar
Founder, Udaan
Gaurav Agarwal
Founder, 1mg
Securing the internet, one asset at a time

PingSafe is building a community of researchers and experts ready to make the cloud a safer place for businesses to thrive.

Our team has helped securing more than 400+ companies and have added the intelligence in PingSafe.

Assets being secured real time

Critical data breaches prevented.

Your business is safe with PingSafe

Ready to run your cloud security on autopilot?

Don’t fall into the trap of traditional CSPM solutions. Upgrade yourself now with PingSafe.

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