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Revolutionizing Cybersecurity: PingSafe Joins Forces with SentinelOne in a New Chapter

An Exciting Collaboration for a More Secure Future

Anand Prakash

Written by Anand Prakash

January 3, 2024 | 2 min read

Dear All,

We come bearing thrilling news! A new chapter unfolds in our journey as PingSafe joins forces with SentinelOne, marking a pivotal moment in the world of cybersecurity. This isn’t just an acquisition; it’s a fusion of innovation, shared visions, and a commitment to fortify the digital world we navigate every day.

Unifying Visions

At the core of PingSafe’s mission has always been a relentless pursuit of enhancing internet security. Together, with SentinelOne, we embark on a shared journey, pooling our strengths to carve a safer path for the digital landscape.

Innovation Amplified

PingSafe and SentinelOne have been synonymous with groundbreaking products that redefine industry standards. This collaboration signifies not just a union of two companies but a synergy of minds. Our combined teams will unleash a new wave of innovation, promising robust solutions, enhanced features, and accelerated development to tackle the dynamic challenges of cybersecurity.

Elevating Capabilities

Combined with SentinelOne’s Singularity Data Lake, Purple AI, endpoint and identity security capabilities, we will provide a compelling alternative to standalone CNAPP offerings unlike anything else in the market and a superior integrated user experience. This integration forms a powerhouse of solutions, ensuring a holistic and unparalleled approach to cybersecurity.

A Positive Outcome for Our Customers

This collaboration is a significant positive outcome for our customers. We started PingSafe to help combat the increasing risk from cloud attacks and breaches. Our focus has always been on delivering rapid insights and visibility with a “how would an attacker get in” mindset. We want to emphasize that this exciting collaboration won’t disrupt your experience with PingSafe. Our commitment to delivering top-notch services continues unwaveringly and with PingSafe joining SentinelOne, our customers gain an elevated cloud security solution.

Gratitude to Our Community

A heartful thank you to our customers, partners, and supporters for being an integral part of PingSafe’s journey. Your trust has been the cornerstone of our pursuit of excellence. We’re thrilled to continue this journey with SentinelOne, a move that promises even greater heights.

Stay Connected for Updates

As we navigate this thrilling venture, we’ll keep you updated every step of the way. Expect announcements, insights, and a closer look at the innovations stemming from this collaboration.

Thank you for being part of this transformative moment. Together with SentinelOne, we’re on a mission to fortify and revolutionize the cybersecurity landscape.

Read the official announcement by SentinelOne here

Warm regards,

Anand & Nishant