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Healthkart solves cloud security challenges with PingSafe

As Healthkart scaled its operations it partnered with PingSafe to provide context-aware security for its cloud infrastructure


hours saved


MTTR Reduction


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Reduced false positives






Ajay Tiwari, CTO, HealthKart

Cloud Environment

Before PingSafe

  • Increased cloud related bug bounty findings showcasing inefficiencies of existing tooling
  • Limited no of checks in open source and cloud native toolings
  • Alert fatigue due to lack of context in existing open source and cloud native tools
  • Communication challenges due to lack of integrations in existing tooling

After PingSafe

  • Context-aware security across its cloud infrastructure with prioritized alerts
  • Comprehensive coverage with significantly more checks as compared to cloud native solutions
  • Consolidated platform replacing multiple point solutions providing a single pane of glass for all security needs
  • Real-time alerts via integration into JIRA and Slack

Healthkart is an online marketplace for health, nutrition, and fitness products

HealthKart is a trusted house of brands, with MuscleBlaze and HK Vitals being India’s no. 1 sports nutrition and online vitamin brands. HealthKart also offers a comprehensive range of products dedicated to the vegan community, kids, and women for their wellness and fitness needs.HealthKart’s key focus is on Quality, Authenticity, Affordability, and Accessibility while delivering good health to your doorstep.

Apart from being India’s largest health and nutrition-based online marketplace, HealthKart is also supported by 150+ retail stores making us your one-stop fitness and health destination.

As Healthkart scaled its infrastructure in the cloud, the team decided to find a security solutions partner to replace the cloud-native tooling which was currently being used by its security team. After a successful POC, PingSafe’s context-aware CNAPP platform was selected as the ideal solution for solving the cloud security challenges faced by Healthkart.

While we were using other SAST tools which were detecting log4j in many places, PingSafe helped prioritize the few instances where they were really exploitable. This enabled us to quickly triage and fix the affected resources saving precious mindspace of our security team ”

Ajay Tiwari, CTO, HealthKart

PingSafe’s seamless onboarding provided comprehensive security coverage within minutes

Traditional cloud security tools generally require an agent to be running in the client’s infrastructure. This brings a host of challenges, like resource utilization and zero-day threats on agents, creating additional headaches for the client’s security team.  

PingSafe’s agentless approach to cloud security enabled Healthkart to connect its cloud accounts within minutes without any additional burden on Healthkart’s infrastructure. As soon as PingSafe was onboarded, it was able to provide a detailed asset inventory of the cloud real estate of Healthkart, highlighting the most critical vulnerabilities amongst these resources.

PingSafe’s CNAPP platform powered by attacker’s intelligence helped consolidate and provide a single pane of glass for all security needs

Healthkart was previously relying on cloud native and open-source solutions to provide infrastructure security. Although these point solutions served the need of the security team initially, as the company scaled, the security team felt that there was a lack of context awareness across these tools. This resulted in alert fatigue and false positives, which were detrimental to the security posture, as triaging critical issues was a challenge and time-consuming process.

Once onboarded, PingSafe was able to provide Healthkart with a prioritized list of vulnerabilities highlighting the most critically affected resources to be resolved first. This significantly reduced the painstaking effort of the security team to validate alerts across multiple tools and increased their efficiency multifold. 

Moreover, as new vulnerabilities are discovered and reported, PingSafe’s threat watch module provides a simplified view for Healthkart to quickly identify and fix cloud assets that are affected by these new vulnerabilities. 

“Onboarding with PingSafe was a seamless process; with its agentless solution PingSafe was up and running and securing our cloud within few minutes.

Vivek Soni, Devops Lead, HealthKart

PingSafe provides immediate alerting by integrating into JIRA and other ticketing services

An inherent inefficiency of cloud-native solutions is the lack of integrations into alerting and ticketing services used by companies. This creates a bottleneck as teams have to manually create tickets and assign them to individual security team members.

PingSafe’s integration into JIRA, Pagerduty, and other ticketing services allows real-time and immediate alerting for any vulnerabilities discovered within the cloud infrastructure of Healthkart. Moreover, managers can assign issues to individual team members within the console itself, again increasing the productivity of the teams.