Probo’s security transformation with PingSafe

With round-the-clock support, PingSafe ensured Probo’s security kept pace with its rapid growth and commitment to excellence.


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MTTR Reduction


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Bangalore, India


Aditya Chowdhry,  Engineering Head

Cloud Environment

Before PingSafe

  • Heavy reliance on manual processes for cloud security misconfigurations
  • Difficulty in managing security across multi-account infrastructure
  • Too many false positives skewed threat prioritisation

After PingSafe

  • Real-time detection of cloud security misconfigurations
  • Pingsafe’s user-friendly platform provides a unified view
  • Context-aware resource-specific detection ensures zero false positives

Probo is revolutionizing opinion prediction markets in India

Probo, founded in 2019, is an innovative opinion trading platform specializing in developing India’s prediction markets. Probo’s unique platform allows users to predict outcomes for various future events, spanning various categories such as sports, news, finance, and more. Users can exchange opinions and enter into event contracts based on their predictions.

However, like many rapidly growing startups, Probo faced significant challenges related to its complex cloud infrastructure and data security. The lack of centralized visibility made it difficult to effectively assess the severity and priority of vulnerabilities. Manual processes for identifying vulnerabilities and keeping up with resources were time-consuming and error-prone.

Solved complex cloud vulnerabilities with PingSafe’s CSPM

Probo’s security team grappled with consolidating infrastructure security issues into a centralized repository and assessing the severity and priority of vulnerabilities. Probo’s reliance on manual effort to identify cloud security issues and vulnerabilities was time-consuming and error-prone. PingSafe’s Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) solution allowed Probo to gain comprehensive oversight of its cloud infrastructure. PingSafe eliminated the tedious process of manually identifying and listing resources and vulnerabilities by consolidating multiple solutions in a single unified platform with context-enabled prioritization.

“The team has greatly solved the problem of keeping up with the multi-cloud infrastructure posture. Moreover, allowing the team to list down the vulnerabilities based on resources was the most intriguing feature we have found.” 

Saket Taneja, Lead Security Engineer

Enhancing compliance and data security with Secret Scanning

Probo’s unwavering commitment to security standards led them to seek specific features in their security solution. They required a system that could promptly alert them to potential secret leaks from their development repositories. Integration of PingSafe’s CI/CD feature created developer awareness by implementing shift-left security. It also simultaneously ensures no public secrets are leaked – not supported by any alternative solution. These swift alerts empowered Probo to take a proactive stance against credential breaches, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.

PingSafe fortified Probo’s security ecosystem with round-the-clock support

Probo, recognizing the critical importance of security in their industry, sought a partner who could keep pace with their rapid growth and evolving security needs. PingSafe provided Probo with a single pane of glass security solutions while offering unparalleled support that exceeded expectations. PingSafe’s commitment to on-time support was invaluable, ensuring Probo’s security infrastructure remains resilient and responsive.

“Being a fast paced startup, Keeping up with the security infrastructure is our foremost need. Pingsafe helped us in our journey by providing us with on-time support and making Probo Secure for everyone.

Aditya Chowdhry,  Platform Lead