A Complete Cloud Security Platform that Simulates the Attacker's Mindset

PingSafe provides unparalleled security to your entire cloud infrastructure, from development to deployment.

How Does PingSafe Work?

PingSafe swiftly scans your cloud infrastructure from an attacker's lens. The security lapses are identified, prioritized, and auto-remediated to eliminate unwanted business impacts.

Fast and Agentless Onboarding

Onboard entire AWS organization, GCP organization, Azure Tenant, and DigitalOcean Teams in a go with PingSafe. Additionally, PingSafe can also auto-detect and safeguard newly added cloud accounts. Get started with your cloud security journey in minutes!

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Discovering Cloud & Beyond

PingSafe inspects cloud resources within your multi-cloud infrastructure, including virtual machines, databases, container workloads, and serverless resources. Parallelly, PingSafe monitors all the events happening outside your cloud that can impose potential risks on your infrastructure such as any public commit containing your cloud secrets.

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Context Establishment

PingSafe goes to the deepest layer of the cloud to understand complex relationships between your cloud assets and external events. This enables you to prioritize risks and understand lateral movement within your cloud, thus reducing unnecessary noise and better visibility of threats.

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PingSafe Hacker Graph

PingSafe’s Offensive Security Engine leverages its attacker intelligence to build tech inventory and simulate all forms of typical attacks on your cloud resources to pinpoint even the tiniest of vulnerabilities with razor-sharp precision. Identify the exploitability of each threat in your cloud through our visual hacker graph.

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Real-Time Alerts & Auto-Remediation

PingSafe directs the detected threat findings to your preferred integration channels like JIRA, Slack, PagerDuty, Email, Sumo Logic, Splunk, OpsGenie, and more. PingSafe also goes the extra mile to auto-remediate the misconfigurations in real-time as per your defined workflows.

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Multiple Use Cases. One Cloud Security Platform.

    Cloud Misconfigurations

    Maintaining a healthy Cloud Security Posture is getting increasingly difficult due to complex cloud architectures. With PingSafe’s cloud misconfigurations functionality, detecting and remediating cloud misconfigurations with full context awareness is as straightforward as ever.

    Offensive Security Engine

    Test the mettle of your entire cloud estate via PingSafe’s Offensive Security Engine. Simulate zero-day attacks and misconfigurations from a typical attacker’s perspective and get a comprehensive inventory of your cloud through a visual hacker graph.

    Container Security

    PingSafe lets you adopt security in your standalone containers, cloud-managed and self-managed Kubernetes clusters, and other containers as service platforms. PingSafe ensures that container workloads are devoid of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, adhering to required compliance and proper access controls, right from your development process to deployment.

    IaC Scanning

    PingSafe enables Shift Left Security by seamlessly integrating with widely used VCS and CI/CD platforms to scan IaC templates and container configuration files, allowing identification and fixing issues in the preproduction environment. Detect and prevent security misconfigurations even before it hits the production environment.

    Compliance Monitoring

    PingSafe's proactive approach to detecting and fixing gaps in cloud compliance regulations makes it a highly reliable compliance platform. The solution provides real-time and historic gap assessment reports that simplify compliance. PingSafe supports all major standards, including NIST, MITRE, CIS, PCI-DSS, RBI, and many others.

    Vulnerability Management

    PingSafe gathers intel from leading vulnerability sources to detect and prioritize vulnerabilities proactively. Identify and remediate the business risks associated with vulnerabilities without the need to install agents.

    Serverless Security

    PingSafe covers all serverless workloads across use cases like hosting, compute, storage, and analytics to ensure that resources are securely configured and devoid of any vulnerabilities due to third-party dependencies.

    Cloud Credentials Leakage

    Leaked cloud credentials like RDS credentials lying in anonymous public code repositories are a significant security risk for companies. By analyzing more than 10 million events daily, PingSafe monitors all your cloud credentials in public repositories and provides instantaneous alerts if these get leaked publicly.

    Private Repository Monitoring

    PingSafe scans over 700+ secrets and cloud credentials in your private code repositories. This enables the adoption of shift left security by blocking hardcoded credentials in the pull requests. The intelligence gathered from scanning more than 1.4 Billion commits to date makes the PingSafe's Secret Scanning Engine the most robust and reliable.

    Why Choose PingSafe?

    Transform your cloud security using our unique Offensive Security approach.

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    Engineered by Cloud Security Experts

    Engineered by Cloud Security Experts

    Built by renowned white hat hackers that have secured leading companies, including Meta, Uber, Twitter, LinkedIn, and SalesForce.

    API-Based Agentless Onboarding

    API-Based Agentless Onboarding

    Onboard all your cloud accounts in a single step using PingSafe’s easy-to-use IaC templates. No agents needed.

    Multi-Cloud Support

    Multi-Cloud Support

    Compatible with multiple Cloud partners, including AWS, GCP, Azure, and DigitalOcean.

    PingSafe Hacker Graph

    PingSafe Hacker Graph

    Engineered with an attacker’s mindset, PingSafe gives you a visual representation of your cloud infrastructure, depicting the exploitability of threats.



    Auto-eliminate misconfigurations in your cloud with customized workflows.

    Major Compliances Monitoring

    Major Compliances Monitoring

    Build-in capability to perform a gap analysis of standard compliances (CIS, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and RBI Compliance) in your cloud environments.

    Single Platform, Multiple Integrations

    Single Platform, Multiple Integrations

    Connect your preferred collaboration tools to get real-time alerts.

    Shift Left Security

    Shift Left Security

    Adopt security early in your development process by using PingSafe’s IaC, Docker image, and secret scanners.

    Multi-Cloud Environment Support Backed by Attacker Intelligence

    Gain full visibility of your security posture across AWS, GCP, Azure, and DigitalOcean.



    Securing the Cloud for Global Brands

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    PingSafe has solved a big problem for us by organising everything around cloud monitoring and data leak protection in a single product. Our security team loves the fact that it lets them focus on what's important.

    Prashant Borde